Project Description

The McGrath Windsor Digital Door Lock is the the perfect solution for apartments, and commercial doors. With the ability to open via a phone app, PIN code keypad, swipe cards/fobs, key override and RFID you will never lock yourself out again. The McGrath Windsor Fire Rated mortice lock uses the TT lock app. This app gives you the ability for an audit trail, one off user codes, timed codes and so much more. Suits a wide variety of different types of security doors.

  • Features:
    • 5 Ways to unlock via:
      • Bluetooth
      • Wifi
      • Pin Code
      • Card
      • Mechanical Key
    • Fire Rated 4 in 1 Digital Door Lock is perfect for any buildings or apartments needing a fire rated
    • Sleek door lock with a Bluetooth App, pin code, RFID card and manual key to provide quick and convenient access.
    • 4 in 1 digital door lock represents a stylish design easy entry as you can unlock the door from 3 meters away.
    • Waterproof and Weatherproof Design
    • USB C cable can be used as the backup power from outside
    • Automatic locking, as soon as the door shuts it locks
    • 2x mechanical keys provided when the battery is flat
    • 4pcs AA batteries last around 12 – 18 months
    • Can open the door with the mechanical key when battery is out
    • No WIFI used, only bluetooth APP
    • Support interval code: codes to work at a fixed time. Very convenient for a daily fixed-time babysitter, nursing, etc. eg Cleaner coming every Tuesday only has access at the set time.
    • Violence anti-theft alert: It can alert for any attempted break-ins.
    • Full TTLock App Management
    • Add a gateway and this lock can be unlocked anywhere in the world using the TTLock app. Send digital keys to friends, or timed access if you have a maintenance needing to be done to your house, use the TTLock app to see a complete audit trail on how someone has gotten in and the time. The MLWINDSOR comes with or with out a dormakaba MS2602, MS2902.


    • Height: 184mm
    • Length: 76.3mm
    • Width: 25.5mm
    • Finish: Black

    Note: This model is the ML-WINDSOR: WINDSOR Fire Rated Digital Bluetooth Lock (No Mortice) in black. The ML-WINDSOR-M-60 is the mortise lock version that works with the dormakaba MS2602 and MS2902, Can also operate from a tubular latch.

The premium McGrath Windsor Wi-Fi smart door lock  allows instant unlock from anywhere via smartphone with the optional WIFI Gateway. We are Perth’s best Local Locksmiths based in Mount Lawley and have the biggest range of digital door locks ready for installation in the whole Perth region. Choose a digital door lock from our collection to get the best smart door locks to keep your home safe and secure. Comes with 3 free FOB swipe cards for a limited time. 
 A sleek door lock with a plethora of access methods. Bluetooth app, pin code, RFID card swipe cards and manual key to providing quick and convenient access.

Enhance the appearance of your home with one of our sleek new generation digital locks. An elegant first impression on entry. Choose from our range of sophisticated locks, either striking contemporary design or classic traditional style, all engineered and crafted with quality and durability in mind. Advanced security for your home with a selection of easy access options for you and your family.

No more leaving keys under the mat for someone to find. No more concern over lost, lent or misplaced keys. You control who and how you allow access to your home. Ideal for rentals and holiday AirBNBs.

Automatic Locking: Leave your home with confidence. The McGrath Windsor door locks behind you automatically, or you can switch to manual mode for frequent in-and-out access.

We work with many short stay accomodation companies in Perth such as Let go BNB, Hostyou, AirBnB and can install and set up a digital door lock to suit your needs.

12 month warranty and ongoing customer support.

We service the whole Perth region and surrounding areas.
For installation please contact [email protected] or call 0413 320 222